Hermann Werner – production and more

Hermann Werner is the development partner for comprehensive cord clamp solutions.

Standard products account for only a portion of our business. We develop new products and modify existing ones in relation to specific customer needs. Due to our extensive experience, we are highly familiar with the requirements of a variety of industries. Moreover, we are also well prepared for new areas of application on account of our purpose-built machinery. We operate automatic stamping and bending machines.

The processed materials include iron, stainless steel and brass up to a thickness of 0.70 mm. The surfaces can be nickel-plated, zinc-plated, black galvanised or blue passivated. In the process, we finish the products during electroplating as bulk goods. Other materials and galvanic coatings are available on request.

Our range of services:

  • Advice and support for product development
  • Preparation of a technical drawing
  • Production-ready and hence cost-efficient optimisation of the component
  • Design and build of the tool for presses and manual crimping tools
  • Series production of the punched part on automatic punching/bending machine
  • Assembly according to customer specifications
  • Packaging and delivery by arrangement

Our passion for materials, many years of product know-how and enthusiasm for uncompromising quality represent the driving force that determines the high standards we set for ourselves.

Find out what Hermann Werner can do for you – and how low little top quality can cost!