Uncompromising quality down to the smallest detail

Are you looking for uncompromising quality for your products – right down to the smallest detail? Then you have come to the right place with Hermann Werner. Because even such an apparently insignificant detail as a cord clamp should not become the weakest link in the chain. We put the emphasis on premium, perfect quality in all the products and services we provide for you.

That is why our entire business process is integrated into a continuously evolving quality management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. The certificate is valid for the area of “punching and forming of steel parts” as well as “the assembly of cords”. 

To ensure optimum quality at every stage in the manufacturing process, we perform detailed material-specific and dimensional tests and controls on all products and for the widest variety of material grades and record these in accessible test reports.

As soon as raw materials arrive at our factory in the form of coils, incoming goods inspections are carried out. You receive, free of charge, an acceptance test certificate according to DIN EN 10204 for the original material. This identifies, among other things, tensile strength, yield strength and elongation at break.

In an initial, intermediate and final inspection, punched parts are tested during manufacture according to specific customer requirements. For example, cord clamps are tested for jaw length, height, burr height, opening dimensions and much, much more.

Using a tear testing machine, tensile tests are performed and recorded on all punched parts. As part of the assembly process, depending on their type and application, cords and cables are subjected to pass-through checks using eyelets. We perform further product-specific tests and check specifications. The results of our analyses are confirmed to our customers upon request in the form of test reports.

If punched parts are finished via the electroplating process, a certificate of compliance can be provided on request.

When buying parts for assembling, their contents are recorded in initial sample inspection reports according to the IMDS standard. Our customers can obtain these reports on request against the reimbursement of costs. 

In addition to this, all finished products undergo a final inspection. Upon approval, each employee guarantees with his name the impeccable quality of our products.

In addition to the in-house testing facilities, we also call in the opinions of external experts. Customer input and cooperative partnerships with certified suppliers are the basis of the ongoing optimisation of Hermann Werner product quality.

Moreover, the principle of quality is firmly established in all employees as a result of their long-standing integration in the quality process. Quality is our passion. 

Final inspection using tear testing machine