In the age of anonymous, mass-produced goods, quality is not a luxury, rather the pursuit of the utmost safety paired with impeccable handling and flawless product design. In addition, quality stands for the longevity of our products and thereby environmental sustainability. That’s why quality is our ultimate goal. As a family-run manufacturer in Germany, quality is an expression of enthusiasm and passion across the board. We strive for quality in all that we do.

Protecting the environment and health and safety are a core part of processes at all levels of our company.
All raw materials used fulfil  EU directives, confirmed to our customers with certificates on request. No raw materials are wasted. All chads are collected and recycled.

We are also responsible for our employees, as our employees are our family. In this vein, we take care of their health and protect them from emissions by providing noise and respiratory protection.

In this way, our understanding of quality is not just expressed in our products, but also in the way we interact with people. It’s shaped by reliability, loyalty, partnership and responsibility. You can rely on us, the people who work at Hermann Werner, and the things we produce – yesterday, today, and tomorrow.