Hermann Werner – a reliable partner in a vast array of industries

Cord clamps, toggle clamps, end seal clamps, ball clamps, cable lugs and similar products by Hermann Werner are used wherever it is necessary to prevent the ends of cords or ropes from unravelling while providing maximum safety, and where optimum handling and a perfect look are desired.

With our various clamps, we connect cords and ropes to rings, loops, two-sided loops or wrist straps and finish them with end seal clamps – depending on their intended application. For technical, economic or scheduling reasons, you may be unable or unwilling to produce and assemble in-house. We do this for you – reliably and cost-effectively. Thanks to our experienced staff and specialised machinery. Thus, for example, we perform the cutting and joining of ropes and cords in a single operation.

Automotive industry
Delivered via system suppliers, Hermann Werner cord clamps for securing luggage and cargo can be found in a wide variety of models made by leading European car makers: safety nets on cars, vans and trailers for cargo space partitioning, rear cargo restraint, luggage storage on seats and large area lashing. The hooks necessary for versatile rubber tensioning ropes are also attached with the aid of our cord clamps. For the perfect use of cargo space in any car!

Agricultural accessories
Binding cords for securing animals, ranging from dog leashes to tethers for calves and foals, are provided with an end seal clamp made of stainless steel. For durable, easy handling!

Toys, sports and leisure articles
Our range extends from toy parts and special play equipment through to braided cords on life jackets and inflatable boats, and tensioning cords for ball nets such as those used in volleyball. For creative ideas!

Graphic arts industry and advertising agencies
We undertake the pre-assembly of aglets on elastic braids or cords for corner fasteners on elastic folders. We finish high-quality paper bags with handles made of braided cords in all colours and lengths. We provide lanyards with any desired end pieces, not to mention flags and table pennants, cord soaps as give-aways and hand straps on cameras, mobile phones, torches, tripods and much more. For the perfect look!

Personal items
Paraphernalia for personal use such as glasses cords, shoelaces, toiletry bags and hair ties can only fulfil their function if cord clips or aglets are attached.

Mechanical control cables
On the control cables of mechanical door operators and ventilation systems, cord and end seal clamps provide a safe handle for opening and closing.

In terms of customisation, the variety of shapes, materials and surface finishes we offer leaves nothing to be desired as far as functionality and look are concerned.

Please send us sufficient sample cords and indicate the type of application. The prices for assembly depend on the clamp and cord as well as the type of application and handling.

We will be delighted to advise you!

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